Experiences about at level 180

Of course, you know the importance of Buy metin2 gold for you to play metin2 game.

If you are at level 180 I suggest you to go to the death valley(to enter near the right corner of shura village).Here I will share some my experiences of play this with you.

1.External conditions

Before go to the death valley you need to exchange the money, to bring enough support fish and medicines that will be need, there are many dangers in a high level map.

2.About from the safe zone to enter the death valley

The first is from the valley entrance to the hole entrance, you should pay attention to two places. The first is that you enter the death valley after you have crossed the third Cyclops will going through a relative spacious lot with corner, where there are four giant and 3 dead souls, here the best choice for you is walk, if you unfortunate died, next time you can rush from the other side. After this place you run to the beach, but remember to pay attention to physical strength and God, if there is monster you need to sunk it, for safety you had better off the assembly line.

Want to through the garrisons of medusa safety, we have to get to know medusa and monster around it. Medusa with three giant evil lizards, three skeleton archer and three archer, adjacent to medusa are giants, three escort and a few archers at the entrance. As the dragon cave entrance is not obvious, for players who are not familiar with this is not easy to enter directly.

For the sake of safety, we should first eliminate some monsters here, the main target to destroy is the skeleton guard. Have eliminated all of the monsters, now you can ready to enter and try your best to kill medusa.

Enjoy yourself at metin2 game.

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