Background of grand mer

Do you know buy grandmer gold? May be a lot of people do not familiar with this game. Yes, it is a new game for all of us.

As the first online fishing game in the world, through the player fight with the most up to 8 meters huge fish to pass the fun of fishing. Play need not fishing expertise, methods of operation is also very simple, is a casual game suitable for all ages player to experience.

AD 2108,due to greenhouse effect and a long period of heavy rain the earth went into a vast ocean. Since then, a few decades later, abnormal weather gradually stabilized, the land swallowed by the sea was gradually exposed surface of the water. Human call this place as new terra, and began to settle in it. However, can not hunting and farming.

Therefore, humans can only rely on fishing for their livelihood at sea. At this point, race, ethnicity and state have no any sense. Only catch big fish to accumulate more wealth dominated the sea.

Among them, the prime habitat for large fish farms often happen fierce battle. Therefore, people began to develop large scale fish trolling fishing equipment and methods, and the competition for prime fishing grounds constantly compete.

In this game, the top fishermen called Lord an. All the fishermen move towards the sea want to be Lord an to gain much more rich and reputation.

Though I contact this game just for a very time, I like it very much, and I believe you will also be fond of it. It is very interesting. Just join it and have fun in it.

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