Skills about play Runes of Magic

buy Rom Gold is very important and knight is the most difficult occupation in runes of magic, skills are numerous and complex.

Under the initial skill points is not so many circumstances, take level 20 as example, the attack power coupled with a level of sanctions is better than two level of sanctions. However, in the consumption of skill points and blue there are substantial differences, after all, the big power depends on blue, this game to drink the blue need take action, it was too late to drink it at the key moment. Therefore, at an early stage, you can just add a level of sanctions, can also achieve high attack targets.

Discipline of the shield, knights only have such a close powerful attack skill, should be said that his harm is still very high, there are still have 3 seconds can not make other attacks, although the time is very short. For plus points, more is a waste.

Strong equipment, I personally think that in the case of few TP, this skill can be put aside, which obviously is a skill to fight a boss and for PK specific, add it until the level is high .

Resurrection, the attack is nothing, what necessary is that effect, heightened by the blue simply could not afford.

Defensive skill, appears to be very useful, but each level only increases a little, and it seems that this is entirely a matter of luck.

Assault, which is also a dumbfounding skill, offensive power is to look at the percentage, but its starting point is too low. Need to add very high, though it can be used regardless of the distance, but when used at close range it will be his back to monster.

Enjoy yourself at Runes of Magic.

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