Upgrade in Lord Of The Rings

I have play with cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold for a long time. With it you can upgrade quickly you can also upgrade by your own. Now I will tell you my experiences of it.

Level 1to level 20:I recommend you to do it by yourself. Master defense low and have little blood, if make a team one person just can kill one monster(in lord of the rings this setting is bad, monster is died but the other players will need continue to attack it, instead of attacking the next one),will be subject to four monsters attack, not only consumption of blood but also easy to die. Skills to use the skills of level 0, because skills of level 10 will spend blue and does not have many attacks. Do some tasks and very soon you will be able to level 20.

Level 20:There are groups attack. This skill consumes blue is 2.5 times than other occupation. I recommend you to team up with other people to upgrade.

Level 30:All kinds profession players are out of group attack at this time. Looking for five people to training together, fast pace of upgrading.

Level 35:At this moment monster shoot faster than you but you take a beat everywhere. Do you want to know how to improve the current situation? The way is to spend some money to buy cloak ,it can help you add a lot of speed.

Level 35 to 65:The main you need to do is do task, but the task was only to level 50,after level 50 there is no tasks. Want to upgrade efficiency must ensure the speed of the five people in the team faster than monster.

Enjoy yourself at Lord Of The Rings.

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