A little personal experience of flyff

flyff money is a basic tool for you to experience flyff. Flyff can be double open, I usually open the window mode for sell goods(the game interface , start, settings, 800 and 600, window mode),open full screen for play with no changes of settings, very smooth for you to play game.

Many of my friends told me that playing with the mouse often disappears playing situation, I do not know why, but I have the machine xp, yet there have been such a situation(at least level 60 and before never appeared ).

Players will certainly feel that picking things up is very trouble, bent down and then hand seized up, for me, general use shortcut keys and mouse at the same time and slightly mad press. It is almost no bending , and once can pick several things up.

A decrease of group theater experience, may be assigned to the theater experience.

If there are master many parts they can fly into, for example, the battlefield, fly below can be said absolute.

As we all know, different monster brush in different place, and sometimes more, sometimes less. This is because there are some mischievous monsters out of their own scope. What you need to do is to kill them.

Some monsters are very unity. One is bullied, groups conquer. Compared with other monsters of the same class those monsters have a higher defense and attack.

This game has a lot of fun and hope everyone will treasure such a good game, chat with friends and comprehensive system to bring a lot of convenience for the players.

Thank you for your reading and enjoy yourself.

1.12.09 09:02


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