Experiences about at level 180

Of course, you know the importance of Buy metin2 gold for you to play metin2 game.

If you are at level 180 I suggest you to go to the death valley(to enter near the right corner of shura village).Here I will share some my experiences of play this with you.

1.External conditions

Before go to the death valley you need to exchange the money, to bring enough support fish and medicines that will be need, there are many dangers in a high level map.

2.About from the safe zone to enter the death valley

The first is from the valley entrance to the hole entrance, you should pay attention to two places. The first is that you enter the death valley after you have crossed the third Cyclops will going through a relative spacious lot with corner, where there are four giant and 3 dead souls, here the best choice for you is walk, if you unfortunate died, next time you can rush from the other side. After this place you run to the beach, but remember to pay attention to physical strength and God, if there is monster you need to sunk it, for safety you had better off the assembly line.

Want to through the garrisons of medusa safety, we have to get to know medusa and monster around it. Medusa with three giant evil lizards, three skeleton archer and three archer, adjacent to medusa are giants, three escort and a few archers at the entrance. As the dragon cave entrance is not obvious, for players who are not familiar with this is not easy to enter directly.

For the sake of safety, we should first eliminate some monsters here, the main target to destroy is the skeleton guard. Have eliminated all of the monsters, now you can ready to enter and try your best to kill medusa.

Enjoy yourself at metin2 game.

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Background of grand mer

Do you know buy grandmer gold? May be a lot of people do not familiar with this game. Yes, it is a new game for all of us.

As the first online fishing game in the world, through the player fight with the most up to 8 meters huge fish to pass the fun of fishing. Play need not fishing expertise, methods of operation is also very simple, is a casual game suitable for all ages player to experience.

AD 2108,due to greenhouse effect and a long period of heavy rain the earth went into a vast ocean. Since then, a few decades later, abnormal weather gradually stabilized, the land swallowed by the sea was gradually exposed surface of the water. Human call this place as new terra, and began to settle in it. However, can not hunting and farming.

Therefore, humans can only rely on fishing for their livelihood at sea. At this point, race, ethnicity and state have no any sense. Only catch big fish to accumulate more wealth dominated the sea.

Among them, the prime habitat for large fish farms often happen fierce battle. Therefore, people began to develop large scale fish trolling fishing equipment and methods, and the competition for prime fishing grounds constantly compete.

In this game, the top fishermen called Lord an. All the fishermen move towards the sea want to be Lord an to gain much more rich and reputation.

Though I contact this game just for a very time, I like it very much, and I believe you will also be fond of it. It is very interesting. Just join it and have fun in it.

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Skills about play Runes of Magic

buy Rom Gold is very important and knight is the most difficult occupation in runes of magic, skills are numerous and complex.

Under the initial skill points is not so many circumstances, take level 20 as example, the attack power coupled with a level of sanctions is better than two level of sanctions. However, in the consumption of skill points and blue there are substantial differences, after all, the big power depends on blue, this game to drink the blue need take action, it was too late to drink it at the key moment. Therefore, at an early stage, you can just add a level of sanctions, can also achieve high attack targets.

Discipline of the shield, knights only have such a close powerful attack skill, should be said that his harm is still very high, there are still have 3 seconds can not make other attacks, although the time is very short. For plus points, more is a waste.

Strong equipment, I personally think that in the case of few TP, this skill can be put aside, which obviously is a skill to fight a boss and for PK specific, add it until the level is high .

Resurrection, the attack is nothing, what necessary is that effect, heightened by the blue simply could not afford.

Defensive skill, appears to be very useful, but each level only increases a little, and it seems that this is entirely a matter of luck.

Assault, which is also a dumbfounding skill, offensive power is to look at the percentage, but its starting point is too low. Need to add very high, though it can be used regardless of the distance, but when used at close range it will be his back to monster.

Enjoy yourself at Runes of Magic.

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Upgrade in Lord Of The Rings

I have play with cheap Lord Of The Rings Gold for a long time. With it you can upgrade quickly you can also upgrade by your own. Now I will tell you my experiences of it.

Level 1to level 20:I recommend you to do it by yourself. Master defense low and have little blood, if make a team one person just can kill one monster(in lord of the rings this setting is bad, monster is died but the other players will need continue to attack it, instead of attacking the next one),will be subject to four monsters attack, not only consumption of blood but also easy to die. Skills to use the skills of level 0, because skills of level 10 will spend blue and does not have many attacks. Do some tasks and very soon you will be able to level 20.

Level 20:There are groups attack. This skill consumes blue is 2.5 times than other occupation. I recommend you to team up with other people to upgrade.

Level 30:All kinds profession players are out of group attack at this time. Looking for five people to training together, fast pace of upgrading.

Level 35:At this moment monster shoot faster than you but you take a beat everywhere. Do you want to know how to improve the current situation? The way is to spend some money to buy cloak ,it can help you add a lot of speed.

Level 35 to 65:The main you need to do is do task, but the task was only to level 50,after level 50 there is no tasks. Want to upgrade efficiency must ensure the speed of the five people in the team faster than monster.

Enjoy yourself at Lord Of The Rings.

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Some experience of rohan

When I start the Rohan online game my friends all told me that the best way to spend rohan crone is a good way. If you do not like upgrading level step by step, you can cost rohan gold to help your character to reach level high. Play this game the premise is that we have more enough rf online gold first to combine creative tools and weapons and the light form of universal magic.

I played rohan for a long time, now I will introduce some my own experience of human warrior for you.

The best way to beat the monster lower than yourself, not only easy, but also can earn some rohan gold, which can be used for buy medicine later. As for skills, I am using a fighter, of course, increase strength and stamina, the intelligent also added. Because intelligent direct impact on magic defense, you know magic defense is very important to soldiers.

Out of the city to kill the monster, to go out of the door that you walked before, you can see a bridge opposite to you, while the other side of the bridge has a wooden door, which has monster more than level 10.But do not go inside, because inside filled with high level monster. Here the monster enough to make you hit to level 35 or more. Because they are super active, and base attack, so do not recommend yourself, it is easy to die, you had better to compose a group to play together. There is a characteristic for you to kill monster to upgrade in this game, that is to give you a certain maximum amount of monster, when you play enough of the quantities required, will give you a wealth of experience rewards, so it is quick for you to upgrade. And remember to pick the valuable things and sell them to upgrade your equipment.

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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Ways to earn mesos

Do you believe that you can earn maple story mesos just in a few days? Trust it. Does not matter if you are a beginner, warrior, thief, mage, archer or pirate. Here is the steps for you:

1.Train and get mesos. PQ will give rewards that you can sell for much mesos. Quests also gives rewards and mesos that you can keep or sell. Make sure you have fun while playing.

2.Do the tower quests everyday for about a week or so and sell all the scrolls you get. Each one can go for about 70 to 150k, which can get you a lot if you get enough scrolls.

3.Train.They give a ridiculous amount of money compared to their level. However, leprechauns give far more mesos per drop and have a much better drops including steely and black umbrellas. To go there, first travel to new leaf city and travel using the free taxi at the far left of the map. Then walk to the left side of the map until you se the portal, this is where the leprechauns roam. (recommended level 40).

4.Try to pick up mesos that are left by other users.

5.During maple story events where maple items are available, hunt for them and then sell them.

6.Try to play during 2x drop rate hours.

7.Try looking through FM for good deals, and sell them.

8.On Sundays, buy items from the 7th day market and sell them to the merchant at a higher price.

And I will give some my own tips for you, you must remember to take all of your monster drops, except for pieces and monster cards. Consider buying mesos for your pet, so they can pick up your mesos while you are training. In the 7th day market, each item takes up one mesos, so you may find it useful if you create multiple characters to hold more items.

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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Farmers experience in Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings Gold is very important for you to play this game and you can also to make it by yourself. Like other professions, once you have chosen this career would be the appropriate tool. You can also get from the farmers that a better business tool, a metal technician can also produce a better. Agricultural land can be found outside the town and you can use lord of the rings gold to buy seeds, water and fertilizer for you to farm. Now let me share my own farmers experience with you.

You can through the cultivation and processing of your crops to gain farming experience, after every training and skills acquired skill points will be displayed in the table. Occupations where farmers grow the level of experience is divided into five levels: level 1:apprentice farmer, level 2: skilled farmers, level3: expert farmer, level 4:artisan farmers, level 5:master farmers.

When you gain experience at the same time, you will be correspond to the title of one level from the graduation and forward to the next level. Plant upgrades are not farming tasks, as long as your skills full article, grades will automatically upgrade. When a layer of skills upgrading, you will automatically learn the next level of skills recipes. You can buy lord of the rings gold from the farmers that buy the other recipes, in order to learn how to cultivation and processing of other types of vegetables and tobacco. At a certain level of continuous cultivation and processing of crops, you will gain experience points, so that they could become a master, then there will be novice will ask you to teach them, so that you could also earn some lord of the rings gold. As proficiency, if the previous skill points level is not enough, you can not get the skills points master needed.

Thank you for your reading, hope you like it.

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